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There are often parts of a garden where growing conditions are challenging.

Plants in the Pacific Northwest must adapt to heavy winter rains and also to increasingly dry summers.

The area below was in deep shade from a large Japanese Maple. The resulting muddy area was not tolerated by the existing plants.

This is a follow up shot taken a year after Re-design and Planting.

Drought Tolerant

The front yard below is in full sun, with heat and glare from the sidewalk. Prior to Re-Design this garden consisted of a large Yucca Plant and unappealing groundcover.

The large sprinklers wasted water and promoted weed growth. Two years later the front yard is thriving, watered by a hidden, water efficient drip irrigation system.

Healthy plant roots break up the clay soil and allow water to permeate the ground, reducing run-off and the amount of water needed for a successful planting.


Gardenworks Inc. installs a variety of Irrigation Systems, but helping you create a garden that uses as little water as possible is a priority. There are limits to this, but we are always trying to push the boundaries!

Drip Irrigation and other water saving irrigation options are the smart choice as water becomes a more scarce and costly resource.

Drought Tolerant and ‘Wet Feet’ Choices