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Do you wish you could recreate the gorgeous yards seen in garden magazines? Interested in plants suitable for the Pacific Northwest? Or plants that attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden? Want to update your garden and need some inspiration?

Schedule a Consultation with Gardenworks Inc:

  • See your yard thru the eyes of a Professional Landscape Designer
  • Identify your existing plants, plan what can remain, what should be removed, maintenance advice
  • Determine priorities and goals
  • Next Steps to realizing your ideal garden

Terms and Fees:

  • CONSULTATION is charged at a rate of $150.00/Hr
  • Cash or check Payment at time of service

GARDEN CONSULTATION is recommended prior to LANDSCAPE DESIGN SERVICES offered by GARDENWORKS INC (A range for Design Costs will be given at your Consultation)

GARDEN CONSULTATION can also be a ‘stand alone’ service for gardeners wishing to update their yard.

Garden Consultation

Plant Sourcing

GARDEN CONSULTATION can also be used in combination with our Plant Sourcing Services.

  • Plant Concierge Services are a personal shopping trip to a local nursery.
  • Professional Designer Sourcing ensures the highest quality Plants for your Garden Project. Delivery Available!

Container and Outdoor Furniture Sourcing Services

  • A beautiful pot or collection of pots completes your Garden. Modern lightweight fiberglass comes in a variety of textures and a rainbow of colors. For a more traditional look, ceramic or terracotta are available in a range of styles.
  • Need some help planting your new containers? Call for Container Design that will be the gorgeous focal point of your Garden!

Container and Outdoor Furniture Concierge Services are priced as per GARDEN CONSULTATION Rates