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Bring your outdoor space alive with foliage color and texture. Blooms in every season create a peaceful ‘escape’ year round and attract wildlife to your garden. We believe ‘high performing’ gardens create joy: A place to slow down and reconnect with nature, family and friends. ’Right Place, Right Plant’ Design guarantees a beautiful, low maintenance garden.

Our commitment to quality workmanship and services begins with a Master/Planting Plan that reflects your wishes, needs, and site conditions.

The Master Plan is the ‘road map’ for your project and includes:

  • ‘To Scale’ Drawings for easy reference with all plants and hardscape features (Paths, Patios, Walls) located on it.
  • A Plant List with specified plants, quantity, size, and price

A Master Plan ensures results that transform under utilized or outdated yards into outdoor spaces that reflect how you live and your personal aesthetic. Having all Design Elements organized into an easy to use format guarantees a successful project.

Design Fees and Terms:

Design Fees range from $500.00 for a small yard  to $1000.00 for a front or back yard (standard size lot).

A Garden Consultation is recommended prior to initiating a Master Plan:

  • A Garden Consult consisting of information gathering/site analysis is helpful for establishing priorities and deciding on a budget for your project.
  • Cost for Landscape Design Services (the next step in implementing your garden goals) determined at Garden Consultation.

Garden Consultation is billed at $150.00/Hr. See GARDEN CONSULTATION page for more information.

I am ecstatic with the remarkable Design you did for us and am bursting with ways to continue your ideas to the rest of our property. I can hardly wait to start relaxing and entertaining in our greatly improved outdoors. Not only am I continuing to love your Design but we have gotten so many compliments from our friends.

Ellen P.
SW Portland